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About the BDTA

About us

The BDTA was formed in 1984 and continues to provide quality tennis competitions to junior tennis players in the Casey-Cardinia region.

  • The Saturday morning competition currently has 4 Rubbers sections and 8 Singles/Doubles sections.
  • The Sunday morning competition currently has 5 Singles/Doubles sections and 3 Doubles sections.
  • There are currently 19 clubs affiliated with the BDTA.
  • There are currently 6 aged based teams playing in the Associations Junior League.
  • For more information on local tennis please contact the BDTA or your local tennis club.

The Berwick & District Tennis Association (BDTA) was formed in 1984. Over the years a total of about 30 or so tennis clubs primarily located in the districts of Casey, Cardinia and Yarra Ranges have been a part of the association. Some were there at the start and are still with us, others came along later, some have disappeared and some have moved to other associations. Currently there are 20 clubs that are regularly involved in at least 1 of the 2 seasons in which we host competitions each year.

The purpose of the Association is to promote, encourage, and advance the game of Tennis within the Casey & Cardinia regions and support the activities of its members.

We have developed close links with Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia and work with them to enhance the popularity of tennis. We will continue to support junior tennis development through supplementary pathways and access to coaching programmes.

The BDTA is well known for its competitive junior competitions and moving forward in 2020 and beyond the Association will be looking to host senior tennis throughout the week in a range of formats which we look to evolve to suit our members. In 2020 the BDTA will look at offering and hosting mid-week ladies, night tennis and summer and winter weekend afternoon competitions, to name just a few. It’s time to empower our clubs by giving them the tools to host more and more matches on their tennis courts.

Our junior competition is very popular and the BDTA not only co-ordinates broad-based inter-club matches but also provides talented juniors several opportunities to represent Berwick & District in Tennis Victoria underage competitions and events. We also offer our Rep teams access to high-quality coaching programmes.